Thursday, April 30, 2015

I left my heart in the sea

Upon my open water course, my instructor once said there are 2 types of divers. The first would be someone who takes their license because well, because they can. They pay the fee and hop on an island and after 4 days they walk away happily being able to put " Scuba Diver " on the description of their Instagram page and then they wouldnt even dive for the next 2-3 years and drop the activity entirely after only going on a few trips.

And then there are those avid divers who just cannot get enough. They spend every waking moment thinking about their last and next diving trip. They scroll their camera roll 10 times a day just staring at their underwater pictures, regardless if the vis is so bad that the pictures are just not " upload worthy". They have one window open on their browser with 3 tabs , fish identification, dive site research and well, Air Asia. 1/4 of their monthly salary is always allocated for deposit for the next dive trip. Guys, yours truly is one of them. 

I love animals and have always been comfortable with water. 45 minutes underwater feels like 10 minutes to me. My heart sinks every time the dive master signals its time for safety stop ( basically 3 minutes before the dive ends ) . Initially I told myself that I'll only go for a dive trip once every 3 months so that I can achieve my new year's resolution of 50 dives in 2015. But hey hey , my current schedule is a dive trip every month ! Its crazy because I work on weekends and public holidays. Which baffles a lot of people as to how I divide my time .

On my last trip, I had my very first near death experience. Where I was just simply clumsy and that almost, almost took my life. Accidentally swallowing saltwater is perfectly normal for divers and it happens all the time but somehow panic took over logic and I found myself frantically pulling my dive master for dear life and thankfully, I was in good hands. 

Every diver will one way or another experience something like this in their life. I guess it makes us want to be extra vigilant in the future. The incident hasnt stopped me from diving. Heck, I'm even that much more interested in learning more about it. I do have plans in continuing my license at least up till dive master level. At least if my career fails, I have something to fall back on. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm still alive!

Shocker, I know.

Well Hello !!!! First and foremost, I am sorry for abandoning you. I thought no one ever reads my blog anymore but according to my stats, I still receive the occasional pop in and outs so I'm baaaaaack !

Okay updates...

I am now a certified Advanced Open Water scuba diver ! During my first class of my open water license, my instructor said one thing ... " Diving is a disease " and guys, I'm officially infected. My chrome tab is at default with a tab for youtube (diving videos ), diving blogs and uhm Air Asia ( Who gives me heartattacks with their inflating prices !! ). I have only been underwater for about 16 times and Ive made it a point to promise myself that I will have 50 dives in my dive log by the end of 2015. So expect a lot of trips to the beach.

And then theres Graduation in October 2014. Which means I am now a woman of career. In the past year Ive transferred from 3 jobs. I know, crazy! I worked with BMWs , Louis Vuitton and currently at a Golf Club but more on that later. Ive met so many people along the way especially during my training period. Some I'm especially close to. 

I guess those 2 are the main updates that I have for you. Here's to many more travels and dives in 2015 ! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I believe in living in the moment. I vowed to myself to stop asking "what ifs" and just do whatever makes me happy. Whenever I plan for an outing I ask my friends if they would like to come along and most of the reaction i get from them is

" I dengar ada orang mati kot kat situ "
" Ada org jatuh patah tangan kat situ " 
" Kawan my sister cakap situ bahaya " 
" eh, tak nak lah. Takut anything happen " 

Thankfully I have different sets of friends. Even if a group doesnt want to come with me, I can always ajak another group. And when I do actually go ahead with my plans thats when I get comments like 

" Eh best nyaaa! "
" Next time bawak i! " 
" Omg kenapa tak ajak ?"
" Eh i nak pergi lahhh " 

It baffles me how can you live with so much fear in your your life.  I mean, bad things are bound to happen. No matter where you are. Yes, I agree that you can never be too careful and prevention is better than cure. But you're young and the world is such a beautiful place. Just take all the safety precautions and just pray that everything will go as planned. Its such a waste to be scared of everything just because you hear bad stories. What about the wonderful stories and experiences ? Dont you want to be one to share them ? Live a little , guys. #Yolo.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sweat is your fats crying

I think my stamina has hit plateau with Body Combat. Ever since I started my internship, I've managed to get my butt to the gym for BC about 3 times a week, a day after another. Though I still sweat buckets but I dont get as tired as I used to and I rarely get sore the next day like before. I knew my stamina was improving cause before this usually Im half dead during the Muay Thai track (2nd last track). If you want to improve in your stamina, I suggest you go for BC and NOT CHEAT during the kicks/lunges/punches/upper and jumps.

The last track of BC is the conditioning track. This is where you do sit ups, push ups and all that jazz. High rep, high intensity. Now, Ive been to hundreds of BC classes by now but i can NEVER finish a conditioning track. I always end up stopping after a few reps. That's when I realize even if my stamina is improving, my muscle strength is relatively weak. And fitness is not just about stamina. I needed to do something about it, I decided to join Body Pump.


Body Pump classes are usually right after Body Combat classes. My first class I went was after a body combat class. I marched right up to the instructor and asked what do I need for my first class. He handed me with 2 1kg plates. I was like.... 2kgs, seriously ? But I just smiled and started the class.

Man........ 2 tracks and I died. Especially the tricep track, I think I only did like 3 reps of everything and I just stood there trying to catch my breath. And there I was the girl with the lightest weight on the bar. AND I COULDNT WALK FOR 4 DAYS AFTER THAT. Crazy, I tell you , crazy. But Ive been doing BC & BP for 2 weeks now. Added more weights to my bar and plates. My muscles and joints are probably cursing me right now but I feel a lot stronger and happier.

 I look forward to my Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays a lot more cause of these 2 classes. Oh, and I love how my jeans now hug at the right places . * wink wink *


Monday, April 14, 2014


My Iphone and I are inseparable. Its ALWAYS in my hands. I rarely have miss calls even if its ALWAYS on silent mode without vibrate. I reply whatsapp messages/tweets in less than a minute.

 When I'm at the gym , I need it for music. 
When I'm out with my friends, I need it for camera.
When I'm driving, I need it to kill my boredom during heavy traffic.

But 2 weeks ago , somehow , I accidentally spilled water in my handbag where my phone was and it died on me. Since I was already in One Utama, I thought I could save it when I sent it to the phone shop. But obviously technology is more complicated than we think. I had to a few days to get it checked, to order the spare parts yada yada ... I gave up. After almost a week , I asked for my phone back and sent it to another person. And JUST MY LUCK, that person said some of the spare parts in the phone is now missing. So i have to take it from the current shop, and sent it to the previous shop. 

God damn, its been almost 3 weeks now and no one has even started repairing the phone yet. And most of my friends are telling me to just get the new iphone 5s. Yeah, sure guys, I can just ask RM2.4k from my parents that easily. I'm barely even surviving with my current allowance and expenditure and I have to fork out more money to repair. 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

To do list

1. Get Diving License
2. Palawan & Boracay, Philippines
3. Climb Mt Rinjani
4. Backpack across India

While my other coursemates are busy applying for jobs after their internship, here I am planning my travels for the next year or so. Now, where the hell am I gonna get money from ?